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Additional Payments

To make an additional payment by credit card
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Registration is by an online system which involves these stages:-

Stage 1 : Enter your details.
Stage 2 : Confirm your details.
Stage 3 : Payment instructions.
Stage 4 : (Credit Card payments only) Pass to Nochex or PayPal.

You may choose to pay by Bank Transfer, Cheque, or Credit Card.

Credit Card Payments

Please enter your details on the online form and make your payment using Nochex or Paypal.

Bank Transfer Payments

Please ensure that you send your name and delegate registration number with the bank transfer payment. We have received a number of payments with only the name of the bank or university to identify them, and we are having problems linking them to a delegate.

Notification of Registration

On completing the online process, you will receive an email confirming the details you have entered. When we have received full and correct payment, we will send you an email confirming that your registration is complete. Until we have received your payment, you are not registered for the conference. It may take some time for us to confirm your registration, so please be patient.


Registration for KES2006 is subject to your agreement with these Terms and Conditions.

Please read the Registration FAQs before registering.

If you wish you can find out what information you need to supply to register, and how much it will cost. No data is stored, no emails are sent, you will not be registered.
Try out the registration system without making payment

To register for the conference you must -

In case of queries relating to conference registration, please contact

Fees and Charges

Full Registration

Registration at KES2006 brings attendance at the conference in the world-class venue of Bournemouth International Conference Centre; a paper in the proceedings published by Springer; and in addition, a year's membership of KES International, including subscription to the KES Journal and discounted rates at KES2007; and more! This represents a great package!

Full registration is an inclusive rate comprising:-

Student Registration

Student registration is available to those providing a letter on headed note-paper from their University signed by their Head of Department/School confirming that they are a student on a programme of research. Please fax to +44 1273 642439.
Student registration is limited to the first 50 registrants.
Each student is allowed only one registration at the student rate

Student registration comprises:-

KES2006 Registration Fees

KES2006, Bournemouth, UK
Early Full registration
(KES Member)
Before 23 June 06395 UK Pounds
Early Full registration
(not KES member)
Before 23 June 06440 UK Pounds
Early Student registration
(KES Member)
Before 23 June 06275 UK Pounds
Early Student registration
(not KES member)
Before 23 June 06300 UK Pounds
Late full / student registrationAfter 23 June 06475 UK Pounds

Extra Charges

There will be additional charges for the following items:-

KES Membership

How do you qualify for the KES member rate?

you registered for KES2005, attended the conference, and presented a paper that was published in the proceedings
you registered for KES2005, attended the conference, and did not have a paper published in the proceedings
you qualify for the KES Member rate.

If you did not attend the conference, or did not present your paper, you do not qualify for the KES Member rate.

Full Terms and Conditions

By registering for KES2006 you indicate your agreement with these Terms and Conditions

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