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KES2006 Conference Chairs

Joint General Chairs: B. Gabrys, University of Bournemouth and R.J.Howlett, University of Brighton
Honorary Invited Sessions Committee Chair: L.C.Jain, University of South Australia

KES Conference Series

KES2006 is part of the KES Conference Series
Conference Series Chairs, L.C.Jain and R.J.Howlett
KES Chief Executive, R.J.Howlett, University of Brighton, U.K.
KES Founder, L.C.Jain, University of South Australia

KES Secretariat

The KES Secretariat at the University of Brighton provides administrative, secretarial and support services for KES2006.

KES International

The organisation and operation of KES2006 is the responsibility of KES International.
9, 10 and 11 October